Quiet Times…But Things Are Changing

It was a quiet winter. We had a lot of projects in the works in several states and then COVID-19 hit, slowing or stopping progress on many, completely changing the scope of the construction industry and the world as we have known it. While we were limited on projects and completions, we did continue to work  thru the pandemic as best we could. Our office remained open throughout this time to ensure our tenants were able to contact us for any needs. We worked with many of the municipalities in areas for future development. Amping it up as things have been reopening to allow for “business as usual”, we are getting back on track.

January 2020 saw us complete Tractor Supply in Kermit, TX, while continuing to work on projects in areas such as Princeton, WV, and Clay Center, KS.

In February, we completed Tractor Supply in Clay Center, KS; New Beginnings Therapy Services and Mary Curry, NP, both in buildings located in Princeton, WV.

Spring saw COVID-19 make its entrance. March and April were much quieter and very limited on progress; we worked on construction projects mainly in Ohio as many of the other areas were closed for construction. 

In May, we were able to turnover several completed projects, such as our first Walgreens in Akron, OH. This is a new concept “cooper” store, smaller-scale that focuses on pharmacy. We also completed and turned over Dollar Tree in Ottawa, OH; Mattress Warehouse in Butler, PA; Commit to be Fit and B&B Pizzeria in the Pine Tree Plaza in Niles, OH. Work began on Tractor Supply in Woodsfield, OH; Dollar Tree in Bellevue, OH; UPMC in Grove City, PA; and Family Dollar in Beloit, OH.

Summer came in strong and we had a very busy June, working on many of the projects that had to be put on hold such as Starbucks in Mechanicsburg, PA while continuing to work on Tractor Supply in Woodsfield, OH; Dollar Tree in Bellevue, OH; UPMC in Grove City, PA; Family Dollar in Beloit, OH; and UPMC in Franklin Township, PA.

Recently completed and turned over this month of July, Starbucks in Mechanicsburg, PA and Tractor Supply in Woodsfield, OH. 

Several of our new tenants have opened in June and early July including Walgreens in Akron, OH; Dollar Trees in Ottawa & Bellevue, OH; Mattress Warehouse in Butler, PA and West Broad Dental in Galloway, OH. 

Throughout the month of July and into August, we will continue working on both UPMC offices in Franklin Township & Grove City, PA; Family Dollar in Beloit, OH; and Dollar Tree in Batavia, OH.

In August, we anticipate starting construction on Bomgaar’s in Afton, WY; Burn Boot Camp in Butler, PA; and Smoker Friendly in Boardman, OH as well as an expansion project for Roscoe’s Pizza in Waynesville, OH; 

We have new leases signed and are working on drawings and permitting to commence construction for Antonio’s Pizzeria in Belpre, OH; Dollar Tree in Erie, PA; Family Dollar in Accoville, WV; Dollar Tree in Madison, WV; Mattress Warehouse in Chester, VA; Family Dollar in Conneautville, PA; and 2 new Walgreens – 1 in Reynoldsburg, OH and the other in Welch, WV.

2020 has been a very different year than anything most of us have experienced in the past. We are looking forward to the future with a new appreciation of the many things we have all taken for granted.

Please stay healthy and safe!